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Founder´s Quote
Founder´s Quote :  

Mr. Saurabh Sardana, the founder of  ‘STEP TO SUCCESS TUTORIALS’ started this institute with a vision of providing an educational platform to students of diverse fields and bringing out the best in each one of them. Ten years down the line his dream is fast turning into reality. In his own words, “ This period has been a journey of great learning for me.
Saurabh Sardana 

As they say, “One who dares to teach must never cease to learn”. I have learnt not only from my seniors and colleagues, but also from my students and parents, through continuous interactions. Besides being committed to academic excellence and providing an education for all round development, another special characteristic of STS Tutorials is the appreciation of the worth of the individual student. Our aim is to prepare a solid ground for their future by giving proper guidance and career counselling by industry experts.”

Today, STS stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards. We are committed not only to maintain its impeccable image but also to carry them forward to new heights.

 We are also fortunate to have an experienced and committed team, which has brought the institute to its present stature. I, along with my team of dedicated faculty, intend to build on this strong foundation and raise the standards in all spheres, to the zenith.

We hope you will take time to investigate what our web site has to show you. It will give you a glimpse of our institute, our students and the programs we offer. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have, through e-mail, phone conversations or a personal visit to our institute.
Student Zone
Being an STSian for four years now, I have come a long way in developing myself not only as a student but also as an individual. It has been a beautiful journey and one of immense learning. The highly experienced faculty makes you feel welcome in every....Read More
Prateet Khanna
 If I have to attribute my academic success to one single factor, it will undoubtedly be STS. The input and Support that I received was nothing short of extraordinary.
When I decided take tuitions, I took my time choosing the institute to....Read More
Navneet Kaur
 Even though I studied in STS for just 365 days, I can undoubtedly say that this is no normal “tuition centre”. STS is a place where I learnt much more than accounts, infact much more than academics. The most amazing and knowledgeable....Read More
Rishi Thariani
I have been studying at STS for the past three years. As a student of X standard, I am very happy with the help and support I get from the amazing faculty here. They help me to look back on things that I learn in school with complete understanding. I can....Read More
Saurav Singh
 STS is one of those wonders where flowers learn to bloom. I would like to thank STS for laying a firm foundation, planning out classes in a structured manner, making available dedicated faculty, motivating students and taking periodical tests to....Read More
Srijeet Bhattacharya
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