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Why Us
In today’s competitive world, preparedness is the key to success. It’s even true for Board exams & Entrances. Here you have to battle it out with the best of brains; and the one who wins will be the one who is better equipped. Fully armed and fiercely trained, with proven skills and the perfect temperament of a true champion. That’s what Step To Success Tutorials does to young aspirants like you: groom and guide you to your cherished goal. More thoroughly, more systematically, more effectively and with infinitely more dedication. In fact Step To Success has richness of experience and reputation for integrity and sheer results.  

Our formula for success is based on the belief that there is a winner in every student waiting to be discovered. Step To Success brings together the most eminent trainers, the most comprehensive study material, and a highly-focused, uniquely intensive teaching methodology. Our faculty works throughout the year, analyzing the pattern of board exams & entrance examinations. Our tests are therefore extremely rigorous, in tune with the prevailing Board standards. They are one of the closest simulation of Board and all the other exams cited above.  
Year after year, hundreds of our students emerge victorious in Board exams & Competitive Entrance Examinations for admission to professional courses.   
Apart from academics we have a provision for conducting seminars by renowned Industry Experts who give valuable inputs to these young talents who aspire to achieve great heights in their lives. These seminars help them to decide what and how to go about their professional career.

More classroom hours per course
STST’s courses have more course hours than most other classroom courses. The number of hours has been arrived at after specialised research on how much actual time is required to effectively complete these courses. Thus STST’s courses deliver not just optimal learning but greater value for money.

For X and XII, more classes are conducted during summer vacations to complete the course in time and then give optimum time to the revision. Mock tests are also conducted before board exams.
More comprehensive study material
To complement the oral instruction in the classroom, students are provided with printed study material featuring comprehensive theory lessons interspersed with illustrative examples plus solved and unsolved problems in the form of assignments.
Every topic is broken up into several sections. At the end of each section, there is a set of questions to help students verify their assimilation of the concepts taught in that section. Only when a student has become thorough will he/she proceed to the next section.
Similarly, students are encouraged to solve problems without help. If they are unable to, they are given progressive hints to help them think through the solution. The courses, on the whole, have a more "interactive" approach.
Most sought-after faculty members
STST"s students are taught by a faculty comprising some of the most respected and sought-after teachers. Experts, with years of teaching experience, who have successfully put batch after batch of students through the Board Examinations. All of them are specialists in their subjects and are fully tuned to the specific learning needs of Board aspirants.

Career Counselling
Apart from academics we conduct seminars in which industry experts help these young minds in deciding their career path. Which field is better, what are industry’s demands, how to go about these courses? These are a few questions which are answered in this session. Here we stand different from other tutorials as it is important to study but it is equally important to know about the requirements of the outside world so that we can direct our efforts accordingly.

The STST’s  formula for success in Boards

What you need 

Thorough knowledge of subjects
How we make sure you get it
  1. More course hours
  2. Better study material featuring concise and complete theory lessons
  3. More interactive training approach
  4. Faculty with proven experience in training & teaching
Problem-solving skills
  1. Classroom instructions
  2. Well-structured assignments
  3. Complete and part- test series.
Test-taking temperament
  1. Regular classroom tests.
  2. Level wise test series(I,II & III) as mock tests before board and final exams.
Student Zone
Being an STSian for four years now, I have come a long way in developing myself not only as a student but also as an individual. It has been a beautiful journey and one of immense learning. The highly experienced faculty makes you feel welcome in every....Read More
Prateet Khanna
 If I have to attribute my academic success to one single factor, it will undoubtedly be STS. The input and Support that I received was nothing short of extraordinary.
When I decided take tuitions, I took my time choosing the institute to....Read More
Navneet Kaur
 Even though I studied in STS for just 365 days, I can undoubtedly say that this is no normal “tuition centre”. STS is a place where I learnt much more than accounts, infact much more than academics. The most amazing and knowledgeable....Read More
Rishi Thariani
I have been studying at STS for the past three years. As a student of X standard, I am very happy with the help and support I get from the amazing faculty here. They help me to look back on things that I learn in school with complete understanding. I can....Read More
Saurav Singh
 STS is one of those wonders where flowers learn to bloom. I would like to thank STS for laying a firm foundation, planning out classes in a structured manner, making available dedicated faculty, motivating students and taking periodical tests to....Read More
Srijeet Bhattacharya
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